Best Deepnude Apps of 2024 (50+ AI Nude Generators)

Nowadays, creators can generate deepfake nudes at negligible cost with the help of AI. Many apps don’t require users to sign up or download files to maintain user privacy. 

At the same time, advanced apps need all user data to keep payment cycles and legal responsibilities. Different tools, features, and pricing make up other nude generator apps. Which of them are still relevant today? 

What is Deepnude?

Deepnude technology uses deepfake methods to merge or swap images, creating fake nude photos, videos, GIFs, and animations. 

A deep nude app is mainly used to remove a person’s clothing in a picture to make them appear naked. While these apps are popular among adult content creators and producers, Deepnude has also been responsible for criminal acts in the past. Content creators on these apps have been directed by law in many countries to only use genuine pictures with the consent of the model and photographer. 

Top 7 Deepnude Apps Of 2024


This app is a high-quality Face Swap tool that can instantly create Deepfake nude images and videos. It uses AI to give bare-body structures to any individual on GIFs or stickers.

The AI is also capable of generating Face Swap images from scratch. It also helps users combine different girls’ phenotypes to create an AI Girl that completely matches their fantasies. The tool is legal in most countries and can be used by beginners.


  • Free version available
  • 50% discount to first-time subscribers
  • Great quality anime and an AI girl nude generator


  • Cannot produce hyper-realistic images or videos
  • Most advanced tools are only available in the premium version, which starts at 19.99 USD a month
  • Up to 5-minute video Face Swap available on standard subscription

2. SoulGen

The app is regarded as one of the top performers in the deep nude genre. It is an advanced AI software that can create animation from text prompts and inspirational images. 

You can easily direct this AI nude app to combine two or more pictures for a unique output. The app can also deliver NSFW videos solely created from directional texts. The app provides a free trial to most users. 


  • Excellent output quality
  • Coherently integrates lengthy prompts for the best result
  • Based on generative adversarial networks (GANs) technology


  • HD quality download is only available for subscribed users
  • Subscription available for 9.99 USD a month
  • Video from text often contains many mistakes

3. PornJourney

A dedicated app for deepfake nude, PornJourney can create content for an audience with diverse fetishes. It has the exceptional artistic capacity to generate AI nude porn, hentai, adult promotional videos, adult posters, etc. It allows users to create their favorite characters from scratch and use these models in various situations. It also comes with preset clips and AI avatars that you can use.


  • It gives users a choice between hyperrealistic and animated avatars
  • Users can choose ethnicity, body, age, hair color, posture, facial features and angle
  • All basic features are available for free trials


  • Subscription starts at a substantial 14.99 EUR
  • Slow production speed
  • Output image lacks detail, and the AI often misunderstands edit prompts

4. DeepNudeNow


True to its name, DeepNudeNow is a deep nude fake app that allows the creator to undress images of individuals. The app is designed to replace clothing with fake nudes, making the AI nude creation a matter of seconds. 

This app only advocates for consensual content creation and should not be used to humiliate any individual or model. Baggy clothing, light-colored clothing, and hair can cause obstructions in the performance of the nude generator. 


  • Opensource – creates nude free of cost
  • No download or login is needed
  • Great performance speed


  • Output cannot be passed as real photos
  • It only makes a Deepnude of women
  • No actual restrictions on minors or offenders

5. UndressApp

Undress App

Based on a versatile AI, Undress App is a free platform where anyone can upload a picture and derive a deepfake nude of the person in question. 

Because of this, there is no monitoring whose image has been uploaded, and the UndressApp has faced much backlash. The app has several body types and can only use these specific nudes in different poses to create the fantasy output.


  • It comes with an active Telegram community
  • Beginner friendly interface
  • Free of-cost service


  • Frequent crashes
  • Prompts limited to age, body type, and picture quality
  • Slow output speed



Termed as a Nudifier App, content creators have used this platform to derive not only full-body nudes but also specific parts of the body – including feet! 

The venue is a master in generating personalized Deepnudes and integrating various complex prompts into the output while Deepfaking any picture. This platform has a much shorter processing time than the other Nudifier Apps mentioned in this list.


  • All essential features are available entirely for free
  • One-click creation of face swap images, face swap videos, gender swap, age swap, etc.
  • Vast choices along ethnicity, body type, age, etc


  • AI outputs can look like artificial
  • Does not produce hyperrealistic nudes
  • The platform is often down

7. DreamStudio

The famous software DreamStudio is specifically designed for programmers who need an in-depth platform to fashion out hyperrealistic deepfake nudes. You can easily add wrinkles, shadows, cellulite, and other features to your photos. 

You can edit faces and body parts and merge different bodies. This is the best software for those not adhering to a specific body type. DreamStudio includes both manual and automatic tools.


  • Greatest collection of tools
  • Can incorporate AI commands
  • Capable of generating professional images, videos, and animations


  •  Needs trained programmer 
  • Subscription at 10 USD for 1000 generation credits; no free version available
  • Few bugs are present in the current version

Quick Comparison Table

App Name Pricing Entry Offer Starts at $19.99 USD per month 50% discount for first-time subscribers
SoulGen Starts at $9.99 USD per month Free trial available for most users
PornJourney Starts at €14.99 EUR per month All basic features available for free trials
DeepNudeNow Free of cost No download or login needed
UndressApp Free of cost Active Telegram community Free of cost All essential features available entirely for free
DreamStudio $10 USD for 1000 generation credits No free version available

List of AI Nude Generators

  1. Toongineer Cartoonizer
  2. SukebeZone
  3. DreamTime
  4. Pixai
  5. DeepNudeNow
  6. FaceApp
  7. Xray scanner prank
  8. Deepfake Bots
  9. DeepSukebe
  10. Tangshan
  12. Deepnude
  13. DeepNude
  14. Recover
  15. PornJourney
  16. OSM
  17. OnlyWaifus
  18. Reface
  19. Deepnude gg
  20. Novel
  21. AIPorn
  22. Deepnude online
  23. DeepSwap
  24. Deepfake technology porn
  25. Deepnudebot
  26. Nomao APK Download
  27. FakeApp
  28. DeepNudeTo
  29. Nomao Camera Xray App
  30. Full Body Doctor Simulator
  31. DeepNudes web β
  32. SoulGen
  33. Deepfakes web
  34. Laion
  35. DeepNude Telegram Bots
  36. PornPen
  37. DeepFaceLab
  38. Pollinations
  39. Nudify
  40. Deepnude
  41. SukebeZone+
  42. Deepfakes web β
  43. ErlichApp
  44. xxxPaint
  45. PornJourney
  46. Apkxyz
  47. Vocode
  48. Dreamtech
  49. OpenNude
  50. ZAO Deepfake
  51. Bikinioffbot
  52. Nudification Bot
  53. Cloth Offfi
  54. PornX
  55. MadePorn


Deepnude has made the adult industry accessible to many new creators. It rewards private creation and imaginary situations. However, certain Deepnude apps have recently been called out for disrupting user privacy. Since we are working with sensitive media, one must carefully check out all terms and conditions before using a deep nude app.

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